Season Patrons

Angels ($ 500+)
Fritz and Mary Jo Bazely
Dunham Seniors
Ron Gay & Carrie Mees

Producers ($250+)

Benefactors (100+)
Paul & Nancy Andersen
Barbara L. Blum
Ken & Barb Boesherz
Amelia Burke
Deb Case
Bill & Mary Kay Espelage
Sharon Fluegemann
Don & Mary Frimming
Dan & Pat Hawkins
Bill Weiland
John & Geri Wesseling

Directors ($ 50+)
Cheryl Henkel & Allen Moellmann
Ray Smith
Carolyn Woelfle

Ensemble ($ 25+)
Kelly Coy & Pam Wright
Judith Gelwicks
Walter Griess
Ray Lebowski
Dan & Ann Osterfeld
Charlie & Christine Runtz

Benefactors (100+)
Tom & Denise Espelage

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